How to design a logo

Sometimes you have clear idea right from the start and you just know how the logo will look like, but more often it’s not that easy and you will be glad for any inspiration that will help you with creating the best logo. Even Pablo Picasso used to say that good artists copy and great artists steal, so there is no shame in getting inspired by other designers or even copying ideas (ideas not logos!) while creating a logo and that’s what is here for. Besides that there are few other important steps in logo inspiration process that you shouldn’t skip and which we write down for you here

Paper, paper, paper

Even though it might be easier to use a graphic tablet, most of logo designers like to use simple method of paper, pencil and sketching, lots of sketching. First you should start with writing the name of company over and over again in different fonts and styles. During that you should still be thinking about the company, product or whatever the logo is for and what values, purpose, target group it has and generally what would be best to represent it. While doing that you will start getting clearer idea of what the result will look like.

Getting inspired

By this time you should know what type, style and color your logo will have so it’s the right time to use Logo inspiration filters and get inspired by other designers. While browsing our gallery you should still have the pencil and paper right next to you because you will surely be getting new ideas how to improve your sketches that you’ve made earlier and once again the whole concept will be getting clearer and clearer to you. And that’s the whole point of Logo inspiration, it’s not about copying others but about helping your imagination by seeing creative ideas from other designers.

To the next level

Right now you probably have paper or even papers full of different logo ideas and probably even few favorites. That means that it’s time to get it to the next level. Pick 2 or 3 of your favorites and recreate them in Photoshop, Gimp or any other graphic program that you work with. Even though you might have only one favourite logo it’s still better to work with more options, not only that you might change your preferences while tuning out the logos, but your client might have different opinion or the other logos might just look better in real life usage. Now it’s about playing with details, trying different fonts, color shades, proportions and so on. While doing that you should still have open Logo inspiration gallery because details are what seperates great logos between good logos so there is still lot of things you could get inspired by.

Try it out

If you think that the logo ideas you’ve come up with are finished then it’s time to try them out. Prepare few photos of things that the logo will be used on (business cards, banners, merchandise, 3D on building and so on). While doing that you’ll probably notice some details that might still need improvement or at least you’ll find out what design looks the best in real usage. And that’s it, you have your logo! Or at least in the best case scenario, because there might still be few comments from your client, but unfortunately Logo inspiration won’t help you with that.

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