9 inspirational script logos

There are so many fonts over the internet “imitating” a handwriting, which allow to create nice script logos even to designers less skillful in writing. However for designers more inclining towards typography it may feel easier and become a first choice to create a script logo. Whether handwriting is your second nature or you were just instructed to create a script logo, to get some ideas, we’re bringing you 9 inspirational script logos to check out!

Although not purely a script logo, the handwriting here does a hell of a job nicely combining with a simple illustration and pinpoints the characteristics of the product itself.

by Onix Design

Simple, rather tiny, not really playful but still elegant and clean underlining its purpose.hnyoce_logo

by Dmitri Buenkov

This logo for a cafe with laid back but stylish script gives nice hints about the atmosphere of the place.le-petit_logo

by Daniela Prado

This one is a great example a script logo can also be minimalist. I bet no one doubts the use of the logo – a health care company.

by Lukas Vanco

And who says you can’t just outline a script? A playful way for a watermark.

by Fajne Chlopaki

This rather precise and vintage script, along with fitting illustration, creates a logo that makes you wanna play.

by Darya Snail

If you want to spend some more time playing around creating a sharp stamp-like script logo then what keeps you from doing so? And don’t tell me I’m the only one who would have guessed right that this piece is for a music group.

by Darya Snail

Simple, elegant, solar. Energy. An apparel logo.Solar_logo

by Andrew T. Matthews

So you want to make it thicker than thick? Easy, add it some, some depth and all of a sudden a you have a simple script logo, which doesn’t look that simple anymore.


by Pixies Studio

How did you like the selection? Would you like to see more? We have many more script logos in our collection. Just go ahead and check them out! More inspirational posts coming soon so stay tuned!