7 ways to create a stamp logo

Looking for inspiration again? Well, as you already know, you’re at the right place! This time let’s have a look at how you can make a stamp logo different and make it stand out. Today we’re bringing you the 7 ways to create a stamp logo!


It doesn’t always have to be bordered or lined out. Simple warp can make the magic. Is it a zorb or ball? Well, it’s surely a stamp logo.


by Dmitriy Silchenko

Wanna make a classy looking stamp logo? Not impossible. Who says it can’t be empty in the center? Make it look like a ring!


 by Naomi Roberts

We’ve had this one displayed already – it’s not only a great example of a script logo but of a stamp logo as well. Draw a few lines completing a circle and you have it.


by Darya Snail

Another way to make a classy logo in the shape of a stamp. Keep initial inside,leave the rest for the rim.


by Vitalyia Zhiryakova

Or use a slice of a fruit to create a “natural” stamp.


by Waldemar Paziewski 

A two-dimensional bush tuft (gooseberry in this case) serves well as a stamp. And a simple type doesn’t feel disturbing.


by Roland Bossio

And if you like negative space, there’s always a way to blend the stamp with the background.


by Ramis Ahmed

How did you like our selection? Do you want to see more? If so, you can check out our whole stamp logo collection which contains many more entries. Stay tuned, next time we’ll take a look at Label logos!