6 vintage logo examples

Hey. Hi. Hello ! It’s been a week since our last post which means it’s about a time you read another. Don’t worry, as usual not too much reading – mainly logo examples. Logo examples of vintage logos. It surely happened to you already – create a classy or really old looking logo. Well, hopefully this short article helps you at least inspiration-wise. Let’s dig in to our 6 vintage logo examples!


What always helps is featuring a vintage ornament with patterns of flowers, circles, lines. Serif type will work as well.

created by Bojan Stefanovic

Old elements are a great bet for a vintage logo. Airships, compasses, monocles, old hats, mustaches, castles…

created by Onix Design

Different lines, curves and shapes in metal gates and railings give a good inspiration for a vintage looking logo.

created by Ramis Ahmed

Blending of geometric shapes into symmetry is another important thing to keep in mind if you want to make your logo look older.

created by Esteban Oliva

Scripts and old types like Gothic script or German Schwabacher together with signs of wear-outness make a really good impression.

created by Darya Snail

Playful types , which don’t look like typewriters’ job are generally a reminiscence of times passed, as well as a symbol of tree, which grows for decades and centuries.

created by Srdjan Vidakovic

There are certainly more way to embrace the feeling of old times in a vintage looking logo. A great source of vintage symbols are movies concerned with any time period between 16th and early 20th centuries. Or you are more than welcome to check out more from our archives of vintage logos. Stay in touch for another inspirational article.