6 label logos for your inspiration

How many times you agreed to create a label logo? How many time did you struggle with it? We hope to change your perspective today with our new article. Let’s read into 6 label logos for your inspiration.


Simple, easy. Still clever and complex at the same time. Clean logo, good for industrial businesses says, it all.

designed by Paul R


Your label logo doesn’t need to copy the shape of a bag tag. Make it cartoon, make it dreamy, be playful.

designed by Marka Collective


The shape of the label doesn’t really matter. Make it retro or modern, but fit the context.


designed by Fajne Chlopaki


Pretty easy way to create a label logo from a script or logotype is to add it a thick outline.

designed by Renan de Araújo


Or actually why not? Try to make your label logo look like a bag tag. Make it stand out using negative space.

designed by Dmitriy Silchenko


Another good example of a simple label logo is this outlined logotype. Outline, negative space and simple logotype make it look altogether pretty stylish.

designed by Cobra Studio

Did you like our collection? We have more in our archives, so if you’re still looking for some more inspiration visit our complete label logo gallery. Until next time!