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8 crest logos

How’s been your week? Created any crest logos? Regardless the answer, we’re here again for no other purpose than to bring you some inspiration! Today we have 8 crest logos to serve you as examples on which path you might take having to create a crest logo. For the purpose of this article, by crest we mean a simple coat of arms.

A basic shield-shaped ribbon probably doesn’t come to your mind first thinking of crest. Well it can be just that, who says a crest needs to sumptuous.

Credits to Islam El Shimy

Crest is kind of a royal symbol as well as lion as the king of animals. You can also use a crown to top it up. BTW look carefully at this crown and then check the purpose of the logo by clicking on it.

Credits to Gabriel Magnan

Crest is also a good complementary symbol which can add your logo a classy touch.

Credits to Stavros Kypraios

Not outlining the crest itself but anticipating its shape within an illustration feels really creative and will make your logo stand out.

Credits to Ivan Voznyak

Shield together with a sword strongly symbolizes protection and may be well used for all kinds of security companies.

Credits to Roman Namek

Being a traditional symbol, crest doesn’t need to look traditional at all, it’s universal.

Credits to Minh Nguyen

Wanna make your logo classy? Create an all-around coat of arms.

Credits to KADV LTD

Another example, that you can also use an animal to stengthen the symbolism of protection in your logo.wolf-security_logo

Credits to Cesar Benavides Hilario

These logos are just some examples of our crest logos gallery. We’ll be glad if you show us you takes or give us your ideas! Be back soon!

10 playful logos

Let’s close up the week with some inspiration. We have carefully picked 10 playful logos from our expanding gallery to give you some ideas on where you might take your designs to.

Cartoon is playful. Adding emotions to your mascots and characters or putting them into weird situations will work very well.

created by Ivan Voznyak

A synergy between the purpose of the logo and the way it’s made is essential for a great logo. What pops in your mind first seeing this logotype? Click the logo to check its purpose.

created by Jerome & Zimmerman

Having different colors and shapes working together will convey playfulness in your logo as well.

created by Cobra studio 

Another cartoon example, but what makes this logo even more playful are the deviations from reality.

created by Gaetano Togrim Di Mambro

Multifunctional logotype of letters are always a great bet, altogether in a graffiti style they make your logo look playful.

created by Sasha Chebotarev

Taking an established concept and twisting it is also considered playful. Especially when a clown is playing with it!

created by Zeljko Stanojevic

You don’t need to go crazy with your logotype to have it playful. Just make it really different, for example creating an animal from the characters!

created by Mohamed Hafez

Another example how being really creative and literally playing with the real world characteristics and emotions works.

created by Gaetano Togrim Di Mambro

Graffiti is playful. Always. Almost.strpc_logo

created by Darya Snail

So you have a logotype. Why don’t you playfully spill it around your canvas? (Parallel to what happens with coffee sometimes.)

created by Debora Zielhuis

Those are just few examples you might work into your projects. Dig in deeper in our playful logos – we are sure you’ll find much more inspiration there. Just as always to make a great logo try to stay consistent between its purpose and the expressive features you use. Stay tuned for a new post next week.

10 classy logos

No more waiting – new blogpost is here! Let’s take a minute for a little brainstorming first. try to think of the word “classy” – what pops in your mind? How should a logo you’d classify as classy look like? What associations does the word bring to you? These thought will give you a nice clue creating a classy logo. We’re bringing you examples of 10 classy logos from our gallery, so let’s get into it.

If you have those handwriting skills, make sure you use them – script looks stylish and makes us think of old gentleman days.

Credits to Sasha Chebotarev

Clean and round logotypes also look very stylish – a bit more on the technical side, they may well serve for a classy tech logo.

Credits to Ishmam Ahmed

What we have here…a lion, the king of animals…of course. Just make sure the illustration is subtle not cartoon.

Credits to Gaetano Togrim Di Mambro

What makes this logo look classy is the uppercase serif font together with the star-shaped symbol of directions .

Credits to Elmer Alfaro Jiménez

Again, serif uppercase font creating initials blended together which also create an illusion of three dimensions in this logo.

Credits to Maurizio Pagnozzi

This logo plays with the association of long gone times using a symbol with vintage ornaments imitating lace. Do you see the cardinal directions in the classy symbol as well?

Credits to Bojan Stefanovic

Guess why this logo looks classy…yes, we’ve mentioned both earlier – royal symbols (crest in this case) and an uppercase slightly serif font.

Credits to Stavros Kypraios

This logo is a bit playful with the initials in it and it works really well to make it look classy!

Credits to Cobra Studio

Gold is classy right? Picking a gold or silver color will always work with those kinds of logos.

Credits to Somanshu Kr. Patel

Gradients of all types work with classy logos and owls represent wisdom, which is also a pretty close association to classy.

Credits to Sharvin Romero León

And those are just the basics, you’ll find much more among all of our classy logos. Remember – have some time to think about the qualities your logo should represent and you’ll surely end up with a great solution. Stay tuned – new blogpost every week!