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10 great logos with animals

Creating a logo with animals might be difficult. There are various ways you can take – a sophisticated illustration, simple letter or logotype may all serve the purpose of portraying an animal. In today’s article we handpicked 10 great logos with animals you’ll love and which might give you some fresh ideas about your own project.


Try to combine meaning and ideas together and go with obvious associations.

Created by Constantinos Charitos

Use negative space to add your logo more meanings – the animal doesn’t need to be obvious at the first look.

Created by Scott Carroll

Another great combination – obvious brass knuckles right? Have a second look.

Created by Stepan Rychkov

And here is an extremely minimalist example of how you can make a simple letter become an animal logo.

Created by Bradd Ynfantas

And here we go again – in this logo might see the animal first but try another perspective – yes it’s a 3D illustration of a bag!

Created by Gaetano Togrim Di Mambro

Yes, this one is a chameleon. See how creating an ornament with a little twist may make your logo appear like an animal?

Created by Sylvain Drolet

It’s a great idea to capture the animal in your logo in movement. Doesn’t the bird here look elegant?

Created by Dusan Sevarika

Ah those pandas, can’t get enough of them. Panda’s great animal for negative space solutions and will always make your logos lovely.

Created by Lukas Vanco

Owls are another great animal to make you logos stand out. They are cute and may look very classy.

Created by Sharvin Romero León

Yet another owl in our collection, which only proves how useful they are if you need an animal in your logo. tatiana-afinogenova_logo

Created by Артем Афиногенов

We hope you found the inspiration you were looking for. Always keep in mind associations which go with the animals you’re portraying so you can fit the meaning of the logo to an animal’s characteristic. You’ll find many more examples of animal logos in our gallery. And don’t forget to be back next week.

6 vintage logo examples

Hey. Hi. Hello ! It’s been a week since our last post which means it’s about a time you read another. Don’t worry, as usual not too much reading – mainly logo examples. Logo examples of vintage logos. It surely happened to you already – create a classy or really old looking logo. Well, hopefully this short article helps you at least inspiration-wise. Let’s dig in to our 6 vintage logo examples!


What always helps is featuring a vintage ornament with patterns of flowers, circles, lines. Serif type will work as well.

created by Bojan Stefanovic

Old elements are a great bet for a vintage logo. Airships, compasses, monocles, old hats, mustaches, castles…

created by Onix Design

Different lines, curves and shapes in metal gates and railings give a good inspiration for a vintage looking logo.

created by Ramis Ahmed

Blending of geometric shapes into symmetry is another important thing to keep in mind if you want to make your logo look older.

created by Esteban Oliva

Scripts and old types like Gothic script or German Schwabacher together with signs of wear-outness make a really good impression.

created by Darya Snail

Playful types , which don’t look like typewriters’ job are generally a reminiscence of times passed, as well as a symbol of tree, which grows for decades and centuries.

created by Srdjan Vidakovic

There are certainly more way to embrace the feeling of old times in a vintage looking logo. A great source of vintage symbols are movies concerned with any time period between 16th and early 20th centuries. Or you are more than welcome to check out more from our archives of vintage logos. Stay in touch for another inspirational article.

6 label logos for your inspiration

How many times you agreed to create a label logo? How many time did you struggle with it? We hope to change your perspective today with our new article. Let’s read into 6 label logos for your inspiration.


Simple, easy. Still clever and complex at the same time. Clean logo, good for industrial businesses says, it all.

designed by Paul R


Your label logo doesn’t need to copy the shape of a bag tag. Make it cartoon, make it dreamy, be playful.

designed by Marka Collective


The shape of the label doesn’t really matter. Make it retro or modern, but fit the context.


designed by Fajne Chlopaki


Pretty easy way to create a label logo from a script or logotype is to add it a thick outline.

designed by Renan de Araújo


Or actually why not? Try to make your label logo look like a bag tag. Make it stand out using negative space.

designed by Dmitriy Silchenko


Another good example of a simple label logo is this outlined logotype. Outline, negative space and simple logotype make it look altogether pretty stylish.

designed by Cobra Studio

Did you like our collection? We have more in our archives, so if you’re still looking for some more inspiration visit our complete label logo gallery. Until next time!