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7 different takes on initials logo

Using company’s initials in its logo is evergreen which almost always works. And even though choosing initials logo might seem easy or even boring there is a lot of different ways how to approach it and create something quite unique and that’s what we’d like to show you on these 7 different initials logo from our gallery.


by Sasha Chebotarev

Simple, creative and self-explanatory. This piece from Sasha Chebotarev have got it all.


by Gregor Lesiuk

The same goes for Corlite logo by Gregor Lesiuk which cleverly combines initials with lightbulb icon in negative space. I can’t think of a better way how to describe lights distributor in just one symbol.


by Marcin Usarek

You might not see it at a first sight but this also is an initials logo. Clever, right?


by Marcin Usarek

Want something more elegant and classy? What about this 4 stars hotels logo by Marcin Usarek?


by Maurizio Pagnozzi

And another example of elegant and classy initials logo. This time for Suzi Zutic Jewels by Maurizio Pagnozzi.


by Alexander Tsanev

A bit more modern take on initials logo which perfectly suits to digital agency.


by Maurizio Pagnozzi

Last but not least, cool way to represent street fashion brand and once again something completely different. More about its meaning and inspiration on the logos profile.

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5 awesome minimalist logos for your inspiration

One of the hardest things to do in logo design is to make minimalist logo which is able to compress thousands of words into one and in the same time doesn’t look ordinary and grabs your attention right away. Here in we especially love logos like that and that’s why we decided to pick a few from our gallery and show you.

funtime_logoby Alexander Tsanev

Event planning company called Funtime describes pretty much itself so there is no need for any extravagant logo. But what Alexander Tsanev did with just slight change of letter I will make you memorize this minimalist logo for a long time even though it’s so simple.


logo_arroxby Esteban Oliva

I bet you didn’t see the hidden arrow in FedEx logo on a first sight too (or even for the tenth like I). But not all companies are hiding they arrow. For example bike designing company Arrox with they logo from Estaban Oliva. It took just one clever idea, few changes in with letters and now everybody knows that Arrox is hedding in the right direction.
One-more-time_logoby Milosz Klimek

We’ve all been there. Saying one more time but feeling like it’s lasting forever. Well Milosz Klimek took it literarry and made an awesome logo that couldn’t miss our list.
piano_logoby quillocreative

We are ending our list with 2 clever wordplays. The first one from quillocreative is quite self explaining and all that with just one clever change. Yeah, that’s what we call minimalist logo.
tired_logoby Samadara Ginige

Have you ever been so tired that you’ve made a logo about it? No? Well Samadara Ginige did and we are glad for it. Thanks to that we have this brilliant logo which really doesn’t need any explanation.

Did you like our list? And do you want more? Well go and check out our minimalist logo category where tens of similar logos waits for you to get inspired by them.