10 cool logo ideas

So today we’re taking it a bit different again. We’re not showing you examples of concrete types of logos. Instead we have 10 cool logo ideas, some of the most interesting logos in our gallery, in which we’ll try to identify the essentials for their success so you can use it to build your own successful logos.

First logo in our today’s collection is pretty atypical, since it’s less legible for some. Colored paper-sketch-like illustration full of colors and washed-out style looks really original.

Created by WEARE

Taking into account the purpose of the logo is key. What other characteristics of a drink or liquid can you think of other than light refraction?

Created by Jerome and Zimmerman

Negative space. Anytime. Making it fit the logo as if there was no negative space always looks super cool.

Created by Scott Garder

Just so you know, this logo is for a tech start up called Code Surfer. Cool like the waves.

Created by Ishmam Ahmed

Computer games are digital, right? So showing it by simply pixelizing the logo content looks pretty cool.

Created by Igor Mijucic

This logo is really creative. Taking a general frame apart and then putting it together with different pieces and colors look pretty cool, don’t you think?

Created by Cobra studio

Very. Minimal. Concept. Take concepts like this one and try to develop them in your logos.

Created by Saša Ostojić

Filling a bold logotype with a picture, which goes along with the words looks interesting. And cool.

Created by Bojan Stefanovic

Showing the usage of the product your logo is made for works well. Having a mascot expressing desired emotion is the way to go.

Created by Uni Unr

Chromatic aberration is a common lens issue. Using it for conveying the message of the logo looks really cool. It really makes the mosquito annoying. Give the viewer the emotion.

Created by Nikola Matošević

This isn’t really a showcase of the best logos out there. It rather shows some cool elements you can use in your logos to convey its purpose. Emotions in the logo or shining from the logo towards the viewer are always great idea. Negative space, minimalism, thinking out of the box…Browse our gallery for more inspiration.