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Wide range of online logo design courses and tutorials done by logo design professionals.


Logo Design Love is a website and book devoted to the design of logos and brand identities.

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Youtube channel and blog dedicated to logo design and graphic tutorials done in Inkscape.


Creating a logo design is a complicated process during which you not only need to be creative but also skillful and even then you still can have problem to come up with a logo that would satisfy you and your client. When this happens you just need new inspiration, knowledge, technique or just new perspective to push you further in order to create the best logo design possible. And that’s exactly what we hope Logo-inspiration will be for.

Our goal is to become the first place where amateur and professional logo designers come to learn about logo design and share their ideas, inspirations, design processes and final results in order to help each other. To reach this goal we‘ve created websites which includes many features like:


Continuously expanding logo gallery with logos from professional designers from all over the world. You can sort logos by popularity, date or randomly to get inspired by broad variety of types and styles. Each logo from our gallery has its own profile where you can see brief info about the creator, categories in which the logo belongs to, different versions of the logo, description including the process of creation and similar logos based on categories. Also you have the chance to rate the logo and see its average rating from other voters.


You can filter logos from our gallery in 4 individual filters (type, font, style, color) or one multi filter which enables you to filter logos cross each individual filter. Want to see only cyan minimalist logotypes with handwriting font? No problem!


Watching someone in creative process or explaining specific problem is the best way to learn. On the internet there are thousands of videos about logo design but sometimes it’s hard to find them or filter the good and bad ones. And that’s what our video gallery is for. We are picking up the best logo design videos for you so that you can find them all in one place.


It’s always better to hear more opinions and get information from more sources. We know that very well and that’s why we are picking for you other awesome websites, blogs, youtube channels, social media profiles or portfolios dedicated to logo design.

And that’s just for start. We would like to continuously keep adding new logos, categories, videos, sources and features in order to give you the best possible help in your logo designing process. But for that we also need your help, so every feedback, idea or complaint that you send us is much appreciated and will help us to get better one step at a time.